As a non-profit organization, National Food Distribution Centre focuses exclusively on the genetic disorders known as Inborn Errors of Metabolism by offering the widest selection and inventory of specialized products found in Canada.

NFDC provides hundreds of government approved products that are distributed directly to consumers, pharmacies, and a range of institutions, including hospitals and clinics, to help treat IEM patients.

NFDC’s ties with a dedicated network of distributors and nutritionists enable it to introduce quality products and disseminate critical information in the niche it serves. In addition, NFDC maintains a close relationship with the healthcare professionals who advance the prevention, diagnosis and management of hereditary metabolic diseases, as well as with government agencies, in order to facilitate the acceptance of these products in Canada.

NFDC’s roots stretch back to 1974 when it was conceived by a Canadian contingent of physicians and counselors to address specific metabolic diseases.